Friday, May 27, 2011

Spanish revolution and spanish government fascist repression

Nowdays in Spain, it is well known by everyone, that we have a democracy. But unfortunatelly, that is not that well known is how government and police react when people want a change, when we want to fire some politicians, and when we want to have them have LESS power than they currently have.
Spanish revolution started as a pacific demonstration against current democracy system (two party system), and against the political influence than bangsters have (for example, government had to give money, to banks with no guarantees).
They first tried to declare illegal that demonstrations, because obviously any politician will refuse to their place or will refuse to take less power and representation, but this is just too much violence and repression...
It just remind me second world war, when Hitler was repressing everything he disliked... this government (remember that they call theirselves Socialists) is even more dangerous than Hitler itself!
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