Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beware with MSN Tools

    After receiving tons of spam from friends who argue not sending it, I decided to write something in order to help prevent missuse of MSN account information.

    I've heard so much times from people arguing that someone has a virus that send links to some MSN related pages(third party ones), for example those pages which appears to tell you who is blocking you in MSN, but almost anyone knows that this is not a real virus, is even worse.

    First of all, some time ago, Microsoft changed the way that information is accessed and it cannot be accessed nowadays with just your account like before.

    Second, when you type your MSN address and your password, despite it is illegal, they can have since then access to your account, and what they do is connecting a bot to your MSN and send spam links to every of your buddies, so if you did this, or you are unsure, the best you can do is CHANGE YOUR MSN PASSWORD AND SECRET QUESTION __NOW__ and NEVER REVEAL YOUR PASSWORD TO ANY THIRD PERSON SITE OUTSIDE LIVE MSN OR HOTMAIL.

    To sum up: it is better to prevent than to cure in those cases, as they could steal your account too by changing your password if they want to... so advise anyone NOT to use that kind of fake services.


Yclan Siryel Zyanuín said...

A ver cuando me escribes en español, o bilingüizas el blog, que si no, como voy a comentarte en condiciones lo que escribes, vaya un Gintama :3

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Yclan Siryel Zyanuín said...

Feliz Navidad Gintama :3

Bay bee~!! :D