Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Microsoft and its unfair selling techniques

    Microsoft, did it again: left its users alone with new versions of its programs.

    I am referring for example to Internet Explorer 9, new Version of Windows Live Messenger, etc....
Rather than make it compatible with its own older O.S., they just require you to upgrade (and BUY) another version of their O.S.

    This is TOTALLY UNFAIR! Specially taking into account the fact that ANY of its O.S. is FREE, then, the result is that you pay for an O.S. and be left alone in some time if you don't pay again (and thus, forced to pay another O.S.).

    What demonstrate this kind of behavior from Microsoft?
  • They does not value its own customers: you pay, and whenever they say they won't support you, they won't and you can't complain (it is in their TOS).
  • If for any cause, a security risk is discovered or an important upgrade in other program is made, if they don't release it for their O.S., you can't simply have it...
    What means this to me?
  • It makes me happy to be a Linux ONLY user since 7 years now, without using any software from Microsoft.
  • I don't get fooled by a company which requires me to pay for an limited product, full of security holes (in its long history), and full of bugs, and, of course, trapped to pay to them every X years forcedly!
Conclusion: Will you get fooled by Microsoft?

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