Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dropping ReiserFS (v3)

    As the time goes by, Reiser FS v3 is becoming outdated, but this is not the reason I will drop it in the near future in favour of ext4.

    Last night, I was renaming a couple of files (14GiB ones), and my laptop's battery went out.
When I rebooted and after checking disk consistency with reiserfsck, one of those files became empty! (I must explain that that file was not in cache nor it had been written recently, it has been there since I booted)

    This is just unaceptable for a journaled and "modern" file system, and since Hans Reiser is in prison and namesys seems to have discontinued Reiser FS v4 support, I will DROP ReiserFS forever.

Rest in peace ReiserFS

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